Flutterwave Payments

The easiest way to make and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Following the demo below should get you started with Flutterwave Payments. We will be updating more on this section soon. If you wish to need more information, Flutterwave's documentation section will be a good reference.

API Calls integrated:

  • List Payment Plans

  • List Subscriptions

  • Create a Payment Plan

  • Fetch Payment Plan

  • Cancel Payment Plan

  • Edit Payment Plan

  • Charge With Token (For buttons)

  • Verify Transaction (For API Endpoint to tokenize a card)


  • Create a Payment Plan with the Workflow Action

  • Use the Workflow Accept Payment to create a link

  • Navigate to external URL to initialize the payment

Don't forget to set your redirect URL and preferably a callback to your API Endpoint.