Intercom API

The intercom API developed by No-Code Venture is the most complete version of any Intercom plugin available on the Bubble eco-system. For questions or feedback email us at [email protected]



Where to find APP ID?

Official Documentation


Once you have a token, simply provide it as an Authorization:Bearer header in your requests, as shown below.

Authorization:Bearer <access_token>

Available calls

Following beneath will be an introduction to all available calls on the Intercom Plugin and it's purpose.

Create a Contact

Basic information and fields to create a User or Lead on your Intercom app. If you wish to add additional company information or notes, use the Update Contact API, due to complexity, we've added several different calls to update a contact. You can use them seperately.

Retrieve a contact

You can fetch the details of a single contact. Available as action or DATA call.

Update a Contact

Update basic contact details.

Delete a Contact

Archive a Contact

Unarchive a Contact

Merge two contacts

You can merge a contact with a role of lead into a contact with a role of user.

What happens upon a contact being merged?

The contact that's specified as from will be deleted after being merged into the contact specified as into. Attributes that don't exist on the contact specified as into will be copied over.

List Attached Companies

Available as Data & Action

List attached tags

Available as Data & Action

List attached segments

Create or update a company

Attach a Contact to Company

Detach a Contact from Company

Retrieve a Company

Delete a company

Create a note

List all Admins

List all Notes

Retrieve an admin

Set an admin to away

Retrieve a team

Available as DATA & Action

List all teams

Available as DATA & Action

List all teams

Available as DATA & Action

Counts API

Counts - App Total

Counts - Conversations

Counts - Admin Conversations

Counts - Segment/Tag

Create an article

Update an article

List all articles

Available as DATA & Action

Delete an Article

Create a collection

List all Collections

Update a Collection