Quick Invoice API

Simple API to create invoice PDFs. The API only has a single endpoint that returns a PDF. This API does NOT store any of your invoice data.

Editor link: https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=quick-invoice&test_plugin=1610140823991x748728814184693800_current&tab=tabs-1‚Äč

Random tips

  • Use list shifter to generate a list of JSON results

  • Price, quantity are required, make sure you only iterate items that have these values

  • Name is highly recommended, if you wish to leave it empty, then you can just leave the field blank and the custom workflow 'Invoice Items' will generate a null value for you.

  • If you wish to leave fields mentioned above empty when using PDF generator without the JSON generator, then add an empty space to generate a null value, if you leave the field blank this will result in an error.

  • Watch the live demo for example generator.

Use cases:

Creating invoices with VAT Generate PDF with line items Create Invoices with Shipping Prices


  • Create a PDF with line items

  • Specify shipping address

  • Calculate VAT on subtotal (not item-specific)

  • Invoice Terms

  • Deduct already paid amount from invoice total

  • Add your invoice logo

Please note: This invoice generator isn't intended for custom integrations, this is just a quick way of generating an invoice for your customers.

Rate limiting is applied, a 429 error response will be shown if you exceed the rate limit. For almost all use-cases this will not be an issue.