Creating your Invoice

Installing required Plugins

Create Invoice Items

Each invoice will need to have a list of invoice items. It's already known that this is quite hard to achieve with Bubble natively. For this specific use-case, we will be using List Shifter to generate a JSON list.

Step by step guide

  • Place List Shifter Element anywhere on your Bubble Page

  • List to Shift will be the list of invoice_items from your database or repeating group or a list of state values containing your invoice items.

  • Create your input fields and an action workflow to start the Iteration with List shifter once you're ready.

  • Inside the iteration add the workflow 'Invoice Items' and for the dynamic fields, you will need to target #current-iteration-item

  • Create a state(list of texts) anywhere on your page, we will be adding text(json results) to it on each iteration

  • Create a new event 'When Iteration is Complete'

  • Call the workflow 'Create Invoice'

  • For the body, make a reference to your JSON list, which in this case is the list of text values stored somewhere on your page.