Razorpay Payments

Accept payments from customers using Hosted Payment Gateway from Razorpay.


  • Create Customer > Store the information in your Database.

  • Create new order if applicable

  • Capture Payment manually if applicable to orders or other invoices

  • Create a Payment link and use the checkout URL to navigate to the external URL using Bubble's navigation to external URL workflow.

  • Fetch Payment Link inside the back-end Workflows to trigger webhook alerts

The Plugin contains the following calls:

  • Create Customer

  • Edit Customer

  • Fetch Customer(s)

  • Create Order

  • Fetch Order(s)

  • Fetch Payment

  • Capture Payment (manually)

  • Fetch Multiple Payments

  • Fetch Payment by Order ID

  • Create Payment Link

  • Fetch All Payment Links

  • Fetch Payment Link

  • Send or Resend Notification

For Payment links, make sure to use the new call: RazorPay - Payment Link (Full Server-Side)