Shopify API

Allowing to authenticate with public or private shopify stores. You can connect one merchant or multiple merchants private apps or public apps.


Adding our APP to Shopify

Create your developer account on shopify and create your first app. You can choose between a public app for one merchant or multiple merchants, depending on your preference, this plugin supports both.

Log in to your Shopify partners account or create a new account.

  1. Please note: apps with multiple merchants require approval from Shopify, we do not have control over the approval process and neither offer any guarantee your request will be accepted.

API Keys

Make sure to fill in your API keys on the Plugins tab. The process is the same for private or public applications. You can retrieve the keys from your shopify partner dashboard, each app has it's own keys.

  • Client ID is your API key

  • Client Secret is your API secret key

Authenticating Users with Shopify

You can use the workfllow Shopify Auth to redirect Users to Shopify. This call uses a server-side workflow action so you don't have to worry about the public key being exposed on the client's side.

Important details:

  • Within this workflow you can specify which shop you want to connect for the User

  • Whitelabel your redirect_uri within the shopify partner dashboard

  • Scopes is a comma seperates text value, you can have a look at the demo page for possible values or the Shopify documentation at

If you need help with the privacy rules, we can assist you on a hourly basis or a flat fee, message me at [email protected] for information


After hitting our button to authenticate using the workflow mentioned above, we're redirected to Shopify where we need to accept our app request. Upon accepting, we're redirected back to our Bubble app.

Everything should go fine if you added your redirect URI to Bubble.

Access Token

This Shopify Plugin has two methods of authenticating Users with an access token. You can use the regular method Shopify - Access Token (Private), which uses private keys that you can fill in on the Plugins tab.

The second method is to use Shopify - Access Token with Dynamic Keys if you wish to have your Users manage their own apps. This is used on rare occassions, only do this if you wish for your Users to manage their own applications within your app. Most useful for marketplaces.

Available API Calls

After having our access_token, we can use all of the other available action calls. For now we've implemented these calls:

  • Access Token

  • Access Token (Private)

  • Get Shop Details (Data & Action)

  • Create a Customer (basic, no address)

  • Create a Customer with address

  • GET Customer Details

  • GET Customers from country

  • Cancel a Order

  • Create new Order (basic)

  • Create a Discount Code

  • Create a Discount Price Rule

  • Cancel a Order

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Item Fulfillment

More calls coming soon!