Signrequest API

The SignRequest REST API enables you to send out signature request documents.

Included calls

First release 0.1 / 5-12-2020

  • Create Document

  • Send Sign Request

  • Get Templates (DATA)

  • Get Template

  • Get Template (DATA)

  • Create Webhook

  • Get Webhooks (DATA)

  • Update Webhook

API Token

Make sure to fill in your API token as displayed below on the Plugin tab of your application editor.


To get started with our Plugin, we will need to create a Document with a link (URL) to our PDF file, or template (URL) from our SignRequest template section.

Important: If you are using a template to create a document, use the action workflow 'Get Template' with the unique uuid to fetch the URL of that specific file.

Sending a SignRequest

Configure step two as displayed below with your own specific information. The URL is referring to the Document creation signrequest URL generated from step 1.

Configuring Webhooks

There are numerous options on which webhooks to integrate.

Version 0.1 does not support adding webhooks through our API. Make sure to generate your webhook URL's from your Bubble Back-End API and add them manually on your Signrequest Dashboard.