Stripe Connect Express/Standard API

A user connects to your platform using the following OAuth connection flow

Test drive the Plugin here

The link below represents a template called Marketplace Canvas, showcasing how to start your own marketplace integration using this Plugin.

Supported environment

Connect Stripe Standard with support for Direct Charges & Destination Charges

Optional: Allow connecting accounts to your app for your Marketplace

Our API supports Metered Usage billing plans, leave the quantity field empty on the Checkout Subscription Session.

Support for Converting Cards into tokens, convert tokens into sources and attach them to customers to be used for future payments. We do recommend to use SCA instead as per the latest privacy requirements on card payments.

How it works

  1. From a page on your site, the user clicks a link that redirects them to Stripe, passing along your platform’s app_id(client_id).

  2. On Stripe’s website, the user provides the necessary information for connecting to your platform.

  3. The user is redirected to your site, along with an authorization code.

  4. Complete the authorization process with 'Fetch Account' ID

  5. Store the data from the result of step 4's workflow. Possible values are access_token, refresh_token, stripe_publishable_key, stripe_user_id

Fetch Account ID

Used to finalize a connection with Stripe Connect.

access:token: Client's secret key refresh_token: Used to generate a new secret key publishable key: Client's public key stripe user id: Client's Connected Account ID

Stripe Connect ID

Configure your stripe connect API using the url mentioned below. You need to specify the right redirect URL's for version-test and your live environment.

URL's as displayed above with your own unique URL.

Connecting to Stripe

  • Set your redirect_uri, the URL which your user will be redirected to after connecting their account. You must specify all redirect URLs in your platform settings. If you do not include the redirect_uri parameter in your request, Stripe defaults to using the first address you have configured in your platform settings.

Stripe also provides a development client_id to make testing easier.

To prevent CSRF attacks, add the state parameter, passing along a unique token as the value. We’ll include the state you gave us when we redirect the user back to your site. Your site should confirm the state parameter has not been modified.

You will need the following:

  • Your client_id can be found on the connect settings page.

  • This Stripe plugin installed on your app

  • Enable read_only or read_write, do NOT enable BOTH!

Retrieve an account

Available as action and data workflows. Retrieves the details of a regular account or connected account. Make sure to use the right keys when you want to retrieve account details on a connected account's own connected accounts.